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Titans-Patriots Full Preview, Analysis

For picks: https://thefinalcount.blog/2020/01/03/nfl-wild-card-weekend-picks-and-other-thoughts/ What a difference a week makes. The Patriots should be resting and recovering from a brutal schedule but instead are gearing up to face a lethal Titans team. Lethal is the only way to describe the Titans offense and the fact is the Patriots desperately need to get off to a good

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Cenzo’s Picks: 12/11/19

Cenzo’s picks presented by @The_Final_Count NCAABYale -4.5 Tulsa -3.0 Houston -13.5Michigan ML NBALakers -8.5Celtics -1.0Bulls -5.0 NHLFlyers +160Bruins +125@CenzoTFC pic.twitter.com/DcAo79ZgRc — The Final Count (@The_Final_Count) December 11, 2019 New thing we’re doing at The Final Count. I will be posting my picks daily for you all. I’m really excited about the opportunity to do this

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Beat The Spread: Thanksgiving Weekend Edition

It’s November 28th, the turkey is in the oven, the leaves are falling from the tree’s and the Lions are down by 20 in the first half. It’s Thanksgiving. And it is glorious. I’m going to give you guys some picks that I am confident in through this weekend. I am 14-1 in college football

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Beat the Spread: NFL Week 12

27-23 Record this season (started NFL week 6) It’s time, @Chargers pic.twitter.com/VFAqVxUbCU — Cenzo (@CenzoTFC) November 19, 2019 Last week I decided against posting my picks for college football and it backfired. I went 6-0. If you follow me on twitter you saw them and I hope you put them in with your bookie. NFL

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