NFL Coaching Carousel Update & Analysis

Numerous coaching hires have been made in the last week. The coaching carousel provides NFL fans with a sense of hope every offseason. Fans often think their team has found the guy to take them to a super bowl, or the guy that will ruin their franchise. It’s that time of year again and the dominoes are falling. Rivera was a great hire for the … Continue reading NFL Coaching Carousel Update & Analysis

All-22: Titans @ Patriots – Wild Card Game

I spent a lot of time on Monday going through film of the Titans-Patriots game. The 4th quarter was very telling as the Titans were able to control possession for most of the quarter and killed the clock. The Patriots offensive woes from the regular season continued to kill them in the playoffs. Rashaan Evans had the game of his life on Saturday night. He … Continue reading All-22: Titans @ Patriots – Wild Card Game

Titans-Patriots Full Preview, Analysis

For picks: What a difference a week makes. The Patriots should be resting and recovering from a brutal schedule but instead are gearing up to face a lethal Titans team. Lethal is the only way to describe the Titans offense and the fact is the Patriots desperately need to get off to a good start offensively to keep up. The Titans score points at … Continue reading Titans-Patriots Full Preview, Analysis

NFL – Week 16 Rundown

This has been one of the most entertaining NFL seasons I’ve ever experienced. It’s my first year covering the NFL, and I’ve never paid as much attention to the game like I do now, but I feel like we are getting weekly upsets, fights, last minute scores, and HUGE games with playoff implications. I mean we get a Monday Night Football game to decide the … Continue reading NFL – Week 16 Rundown

NFL – Every Throw From Carson Wentz on the Eagles Game Winning Drive against the Redskins

We made a quick video displaying every throw Carson Wentz made in the Eagles game winning drive against the Redskins last Sunday. I loved how poised Carson looked on this whole drive. After two fumbles earlier in the game, he was strong in the pocket and made smart decisions. He has certainly been trending upward in the last couple of weeks. Lets see what he … Continue reading NFL – Every Throw From Carson Wentz on the Eagles Game Winning Drive against the Redskins