College Football Playoff Matchups Released – Odds/Reaction

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So, there it is. This was predictable after the games last night. There was no other option besides Oklahoma at 4. They were easily the best one loss team. I had a slight argument for Georgia but that slowly faded watching them play in last night’s SEC Championship loss to LSU.

The odds

I thought LSU would open closer to -9.5 but it didn’t shock me to see them a bit higher. Their offense is so good. Joe Brady has Burrow and co. playing like a pro style style juggernaut.

Clemson opens as a 2 point favorite against Ohio State. Trevor Lawrence and Clemson beat up on Virginia in the ACC Championship, 62-17. Ohio State struggled early against Wisconsin, but pulled away late and won the Big Ten Championship by a score of 34-21.

Two headlines I’ll leave you with

  • How will Oklahoma’s 82nd ranked defense stack up against Joe Burrow and LSU’s top rated, pro-style offense?
  • Will Ohio State’s tough schedule prepare them for the matchup against Clemson, a team that has played ONE ranked team all season long?

I will release a pick-em podcast for these games and NFL Week 15 next Thursday or Friday.

Let me know in the comments who you think has the best shot to win it all.

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