Live Blog – NCAAFB Championship Saturday

Let’s get this party going. So much good football today. We are excited to bring you any of the action you might have missed.

First game is Central Michigan vs. Miami (Ohio), Oklahoma vs. Baylor, and App State vs. ULL.

What a start for Oklahoma ML. Oklahoma up early thanks to this play.

App State is ROLLING. I am not surprised, I have been high on them all season. Offense is dominant.

Slight delay, but what a game in Oklahoma-Baylor. Jalen Hurts is undeniably the best winner in college football right now.

We have a nice slate going on right now. I predicted Hawaii would struggle off of the island and they are. LSU dominating Georgia. I’m expected to go 7-3 with TFC picks today, with 4 more picks tonight. Stay tuned for more.

LSU covers, Boise State covers

Clemson and Ohio State now have to cover. PSY -16.5 and Clemson -28.5

This was a big storyline tonight.

Ohio State got off to a slow start, and Wisconsin was capitalizing.

But, ultimately, Ohio state DOMINATED the second half.

Ohio State wins the B1G and will be in the playoff, but they don’t cover -16.5 so did they really win?

Clemson won BIG against Virginia. They looked primed for a run in the CFP.

UPDATE: CFP matchups announced!

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