Beat The Spread: NFL Week 11

For a preview of the week’s action:

This is the time of year where every game is so crucial. Undrafted/Low-level guys are trying to earn contracts and teams are looking to make the playoffs and place high. While this is a good thing for the sport, it makes gambling very hard to call. A lot of bad teams can pull wins out because the good teams might play tight and scared to lose. We saw it with the Chiefs-Titans game last week.

Lots of stars injured this week. Hate to see it. Especially when every game is so crucial for teams in the hunt.

Doing things a little different this week. I love the board this week in the NFL so I am only doing NFL picks. So, with that, lets go look at my picks for Week 11.

Pick: Cowboys -7 (vs. Lions)

Lions continue to give up big plays on defense and Stafford is out again. Zeke has a big game and Cowboys will win big. The Cowboys are 7-2-1 ATS when on the road against a team with a losing record.

Pick: Jaguars +2.5 (vs. Colts)

Image result for nick foles gif

Pick: Vikings -10 (vs. Broncos)

The Minnesota Vikings are 3rd in rush yards and 9th in points in the NFL ( The Denver Broncos are 17th in rush defense ( Dalvin Cook will have a big game.

Pick: Ravens -4.5 (vs. Texans)

The Ravens are 5-0 in their last five games. They will continue to roll, even against Watson and the Texans.

Pick: Panthers -4 (vs. Falcons)

I still can’t believe the Falcons beat the Saints last Sunday. No way they do it 2 weeks in a row. I like the Panthers in this one.

Pick: Bills -7 (@ Dolphins)

Bills desperately need to be able to beat bad teams. Fitzmagic has looked impressive of late, but I love the Bills in this one.

Pick: Saints -5 (@ Buccaneers)

I love the Bucs in this but I don’t think the Saints can afford too many more losses this season if they want to contend.

Pick: Raiders -12.5 (vs. Bengals)

Bengals stink. Raiders by 100.

Pick: Patriots -4 (@ Eagles)

The Patriots are 14-4 (77.8%) coming off a bye week since 2010 which is the best in the league ( Jeffery and Jordan Howard are injured and will not play for the Eagles on Sunday. I like the Pat’s in this one, sadly.

Pick: Rams -6.5 (vs. Bears)

I think Trubisky against the Lions last week was a fluke and the Rams basically have to win out if they want to go to the playoffs. Love the Rams in this one.

Pick: Chiefs -4 (@ Chargers)

Both teams have looked rough as of late, but Kansas City is 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games vs. the Chargers (

Be sure to follow me on twitter for updates on all the games in the NFL today. @vin_calderone Good luck.

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