College Football Live Blog – Week 10

It’s another beautiful day for college football. I’m here to live blog the action.

If you didn’t see my blog on Thursday, here are my picks:

WVU +18 (@ Baylor)

Purdue +3 (vs. Nebraska)

Wake Forest -7.5 (vs. NC State)

Syracuse -2 (vs. Boston College)

Miami +3 (@ Florida State)

Florida +6 (vs. Georgia)

Auburn – 18.5 (vs. Ole Miss)


This game is basically a highlight reel

Don’t know how I missed this one


LOVED Miami when I saw this game but of course I decided not too pick them this weekend.

Two dreadful weeks in a row for Notre Dame. Tough look.

Recapping my day so far:

WVU +18 (@ Baylor) – W (Thursday)

Purdue +3 (vs. Nebraska) – W

Wake Forest -7.5 (vs. NC State) – W

Syracuse -2 (vs. Boston College) – L

Miami +3 (@ Florida State) – W

Florida +6 (vs. Georgia) – L

Auburn – 18.5 (vs. Ole Miss) – N/A

Record: 4-2. Gonna end up on top for the day. Hopefully a good start to a great weekend for us.

Ready for Auburn/Ole Miss and Memphis/SMU. LETS GO

Auburn didn’t cover so I finish 4-3. Brutal. On to the NFL.

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